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It has been almost twenty years since we started growing strawberries in Huelva, Spain

Agriculture is part of our roots, a whole life adventure, in the search for the best and freshest produce. In the last two decades all of our efforts have been focused in the production of berries. We are a family in the constant pursue of the most delicious berries varieties!

Been sustainable is not only a matter of natural resources

We care for our environment, nature, water, soil and the atmosphere. But we also care for our community, people that live, work and share their every day with us. People that look into the future through resposibility and respect.

Our vision extends beyond agriculture...

Because we know that our activity can have a very important social and environmental impact. To be truly sustainable we dedicate many resources. Training and leadership are key factors in ensuring continuous progress, both in reducing waste and in preserving the natural and social resources on which our future depends.

Nature is our biggest treasure!

…that is what coming generations will receive from us, don’t let them down.

We care for the most precious gift of all: family

Come visit us, the doors of our fields are always open to you!